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We Stand In Support Of Bicyclists’ Rights

Educating on bicycle safety and advocating for injured cyclists is the lifelong passion and calling of our skilled team of litigators, led by Joshua Zisson.

As an active and longtime member of the Massachusetts cycling community, Attorney Zission is keenly aware of the potentially devastating results of crashes on bicyclists and their families.

He has dedicated his career to excellence in serving injured bicyclists, as well as educating the cycling community on traffic laws and safe riding through his blog, Bike Safe Boston. He also regularly lectures and lobbies in support of safety in bicycle manufacturing and sales.

Our Unique Discovery Process

Unlike some firms, where serving injured cyclists is an afterthought, our attorneys are passionate about advocating for bicyclists and have a long, successful track record of doing so.

We take a skilled and methodical approach to dissecting “difficult” bicycle crash cases and finding the best way forward for our clients.

Our first step in approaching a case is thoroughly investigating the facts: what happened, how serious the injuries are, and who is responsible. And more often than not, we uncover evidence that a crash was not what we could call an accident – rather, it was the natural result of someone’s negligence.

Bicyclists injured as the result of crashes may not be at fault if:

  • A truck driver turned in front of a bicycle approaching in a bike lane
  • A driver of a car failed to give a cyclist their rightful portion of the road
  • A roadway was defective, traffic signals malfunctioned, a dog was loose, a bicycle component was defective or some other “freak occurrence” led to the crash
  • And many other situations that may apply to your case

We’re Ready To Review Your Case.

To learn about your options and plan your next move, contact us at 617-444-9626 or submit a consultation request. There’s no fee, and no further obligation.