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For Vulnerable & Injured People
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Dedicated, Committed Activists / For Vulnerable & Injured People

Massachusetts law protects your right to pursue reasonable compensation after experiencing injury through negligence, abuse, or neglect.

You’ll find your champions at Zission & Jacobs, where we’ve dedicated our careers to bringing relief to people who have been injured in bicycle crashes or through other circumstances.

Our skilled team of litigators specializes in:

  • Bicycle-car crashes or bicycle crashes caused by a sidewalk, road defect, or loose dog
  • Dangerous or defective products that may give rise to a product liability claim
  • Nursing home injuries or untimely death due to neglect or abuse
  • Motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, or motorcycles
  • Slip-and-fall accidents, explosions, or any situation involving premises liability
  • Dog bites or animal attacks

Our Methodical And Proven Approach

We dig into your unique and personal circumstances and find the answers necessary to pursue a strong outcome on your behalf.

This includes closely scrutinizing how timing, liability, and damages – all key aspects of personal injury claims and lawsuits that require careful attention – apply to your specific case.

Here are just a few examples of the many questions we may ask:

  • When did your injury take place, or when was your hidden injury detected?
  • Is the target of your claim a government entity? (In this case, that statute of limitations includes a mandatory initial damage claim within two years.)
  • Does comparative fault, no-fault car insurance, or strict liability for dog bites apply?
  • Will your total recovery be affected by Massachusetts’s damage caps?

We’re Ready To Review Your Case

For a comprehensive assessment of your case, contact us at 617-444-9626 or submit a consultation request. There’s no fee, and no further obligation.