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For When Consumer Products Cause Harm

The team at Zisson & Jacobs LLP is laser-focused on protecting people who are vulnerable and injured – and this includes cases when you, or someone you know, is harmed by a consumer product that you or another person has purchased.

If this is your situation, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to drill into every element of your case and drive towards the most beneficial outcome.

These elements of your case may include:

  • The people who were harmed
    Purchasers or their family members, guests, or employees
  • The product(s) that harmed them
    Frozen foods, power tools, toys, and medications, to name a few examples
  • The injuries and losses suffered
    The harmful consequences of using the product, such as burn injuries
  • The liable parties
    Manufacturers, marketers, installers, and inspectors

Our Approach, Tailored To You

First, we listen to all of the details of your case and ask thoughtful, productive questions based on our years of expertise excelling in product liability litigation.

This is how we can determine, among other things, who is responsible for compensating you after you have been injured through the use of a defective product. It may be an engineer, advertising company, manufacturing supervisor, vendor or maintenance company. The legal basis for your injury claim may be a defective design, manufacturing process, or label – including failure to warn consumers of known hazards.

Then, we develop a product liability claim or lawsuit. Massachusetts is a strict liability state, meaning that even if the individual or company responsible for the defect that injured you was not aware of the defect, they may be on the hook regardless.

Finally, we strive to bring the responsible party (or parties) to justice. You may be compensated for one or more of the following: medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

Seek Accountability After A Defective Product Injury – Contact Us Today

To apply our process to your case, contact us at 617-444-9626 or submit a consultation request. There’s no fee, and no further obligation.